Furious News #8

The concert is now up on YouTube!

Check it out here:

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

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Furious News #7

As I already mentioned on Twitter:


A new character joined the game!

Give Ron on the Bass Guitar a warm welcome.


We already started working on the next album, which will contain 7 tracks. Also, we will play along with Lukas on the drums in about 3 weeks and see if that works out. Maybe we’ll even find a very own band practise room – But we’ll see about that. Until then, working in the home studio will be just fine.

I still haven’t found time to edit the live video, so sorry for that. But as soon as I get to it, I’ll post ist here!

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Furious News #6

Hi there!

I’m here right after my first gig with Dispelling Hallows and Coby Trip!
It was a BLAST, one of the best days of my life so far!
I had so much fun on the stage, my oh my.

So, here’s news:
Back to the studios, to new songs and much more awesome stuff.
I’ll upload the videos from the concert, though. As soon as they’re done. And I’ll inform you here, of course (and on all the social media, where I’m much more often than here, I guess… *scratch*).

Thanks to everyone who made it there to join in on the fun, it was really really amazing and I’m so happy to look back at this, since it has been some kind of a dream to do that. And now it happened! Whee!

Also a big shoutout to my best friend Lukas, for he made the sound of the album as awesome as it is, and also for the stage setup and mixing, you’re the best!

Much exclamation marks here. I may call it a quit until I uploaded the videos.

So far: Thank you so much for your support, you made this possible for me. ♥

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