Furious News #9

Hey there!

It’s been a while. Terribly sorry for the long pause on the homepage. I’m way more active on the social media, especially twitter (@FuriousFeedback).

Ron and I are working on the next album! He and Lukas are also trying to learn the “old” stuff, so we can build up a band and play the next concerts togehter. Let’s see where we’re heading with this project. I hope for the best. :)

Speaking of band – A band needs some place to practise. And now it seems we’ve got a good chance of getting hold onto a practise room, which would be really, really awesome. So I hope this goes well and we can move in there.

Next up: What are we doing currently? Well, the next Album, called “Taste the Sun – Side A” will contain 7 Songs (excl. possible Intro/Outro) from the good’ol Taste the Sun – Era. Completely re-arranged and/or partwise completely new. What we’ve made so far is quite satisfying to me. I’ve uploaded a Demo of “Darkness” on SoundCloud (check below or click on the orange button on the top right corner of the homepage!)



Apart from that, we’re practising to play what you’ve heard so far on “We need to breathe” – Which will take quite some time (especially on the Drum-Parts, since I didn’t quite make them easily playable. My bad).

One last thing. As I often brag about on Facebook and Twitter: If you like, what you hear, then please. Please. Share it with everyone you know who just maybe would like to hear it too! You’re helping massively, just sharing the music with other people, who may also share it with other people. That’s what I call Impact. The formula is quite simple. The more impact, the more our music gets attention. The more attention we get, the more people may come to concerts or buy merch-stuff. The more people, the better the quality you get in the end. That’s what you always should think about: If you like something and want it to become better, share it. Don’t just click Like and go away. That doesn’t help a lot!

So please, help artists you like (not just us!) by sharing their stuff. :)

Thanks and until next time!

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