Furious News #13

Hey! It’s been a while.

We’ve been busy practising – Because we’ll play a mini-gig on March, 19th!
It’s two songs, mostly to gain stage experience!

If you want to drop by, the adress is Rathausgasse 3, 8160 Weiz/Styria.
Since there are a lot of bands playing on that evening, I can’t give you any details on when exactly we’re going to play, but if you get there by any chance, listen to the other acts as well. Maybe you’ll find other cool acts you want to follow! ;) If I found out correctly, it begins at 19:30!

After that, we’ll gather and talk about how to proceed as a band.
Maybe things will change for us, we don’t know yet. But I’ll keep you informed anyway.

Also I’d like to inform you of some new stuff I made on my own.
First, I made a cover from the famous indie-game “UNDERTALE” you can find on YouTube and SoundCloud (YouTube offers the better quality in my opinion) rrrrright here:

Finally, after getting motivated by my biggest influence – Machinae Supremacy – I recorded a completely new song I had stuck in my head for ages. It’s a tribute to one of my favourite games: Dark Souls.
Check out the quick demo of “Bearer of the Curse” on SoundCloud:

Share the tracks if you’d like to support us!

See you soon hopefully!

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