Founded in: December 2010, Vienna/AUT
Genre: Rock w/ Videogame-Elements | Synth Rock
Influences: Machinae Supremacy, I Fight Dragons, Jennifer Rostock, Jack Conté


While active in his Alternative Rock-Band Taste the Sun as singer and second guitarist, Daniel founded the project in Winter 2010. It originally was intended to “try out new things”.

When his band broke up in the second quarter of 2012, Furious Feedback turned into his main project and so he started working on an album in his very own studio back home, which was released after 2 years of work, followed by an album release party.

Shortly after, Ron and Lukas joined on Bass and Drums, building the base for the start of Furious Feedback as a band. Sadly, Ron left the band after half a year due to time reasons. Looking for new members to continue the band, Mia and Claus joined on Bass and Second Guitar in November 2015. In March 2016, Lukas and Claus left and so they looked for new members – In the end, Alex joined on the drums and Thomas on the second guitar, making the band whole again.

The sound of Furious Feedback is characterized by alternative-rock songs – driven by guitar, bass and drums – mixed with a good amount of Videogame-elements (mostly from a self-modified Gameboy Color) who go along with string ensembles and/or piano.


- Daniel -
Creator and head of Furious Feedback.
Can play basically every instrument needed for Furious Feedback – Including the self-modded GameBoy.

Likes music, food, cooking, sprite art and video games, which have been a huge influence for the project.


Since Alex took over the drums, he literally ended our need for a drum computer.
Thanks to him, the songs of Furious Feedback get the perfect drive.


- Alex -






- Mia -
After Ron left, Furious Feedback needed a new Bass player. Gladly, Mia heard the call and decided to join in on the fun.

With her remarkably strong and groovy Basslines, Mia’s going in for the punch.
With Thomas – or Jonny – on the second guitar, the band was finally complete again after a long member search.
Being experienced in the field of Jazz, he’s enriching the repertoire with both melodies and rhythmparts.
- Thomas -


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