Summer break & CD-Recording

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the long wait!
Let’s resume what has been done this year so far:

*We played 3 Gigs:
– Our main gig on May 13th at Replugged together with Fall for Ivy and Iljas
– A Gig on June 30th we’ve been invited to by Beatbox at Aera, together with Solid Sky and Iljas
– A Gig on July 05th we’ve been invited to by Panini Project at Café Carina.

*We worked on 4 “new” Songs (“new” as in “not already on the Album “We Need to Breathe””)

*We went to the SAE Institute to record “My Starving Heart”

After a little summer break, we are now making preparations to record our CD in the current formation.
It will be called “Press Start” and will contain everything we have in our repertoire so far. That also includes all songs from “We Need to Breathe”, re-done and improved. Recording starts this weekend, starting with Drums and Bass! We will try to keep you up to date via social media. So stay tuned for that. :)

We will also polish this homepage, making it a little more attractive and appealing!
As you see: There’s a lot to be done – But we are on it, step by step.

Thank you all for your support over the last weeks and months, the gigs were amazing and we learned a lot at the shows (and afterwards through your Feedback!).

Until next time!

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Furious News #17

Live Show!Upcoming Gig!

Hey you! Yeah YOU!
We got another Gig upcoming!

Proud to announce that this will be our first headliner gig. :)
We’re supported by the amazing bands FALL FOR IVY and ILJAS – Go check them out, too!
Check the linked Facebook-Event here for more information.

There are tickets available for the show for a top price of 5€ – Just ask one of us.
Bring all your friends in and until then

See you around!

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Furious News #16


So, we played quite a show (technical difficulties aside) on Dec. 15th!
We’ve decided to upload a little glimpse of it, so have fun with “Darkness” down below:

Since we all survived the holiday season, we gather tomorrow, Dec. 30th to talk about our year and what awesome stuff is about to come in 2017. I’ll keep you up-to-date about upcoming events (*cough* there could be something on Jan. 24th 2017 *cough*) as well as our progress on new songs and ideas in the new year.

We hope you had a blast on Christmas and are going to have another great one on New Year’s Eve!

Until next time,

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