When frontman Daniel bought an allegedly cursed chest off a merchant at a flea market and pried it open at home, he found pieces of a broken console. When he fixed it and put it back together, the mysterious artifact introduced himself as K1T – and instructed him to find to find worthy companions. Shortly after this order, the five-piece band Furious Feedback formed.
The songs that Daniel originally released in the first solo album named We need to breathe became their highly polished and self-produced debut album PRESS START, containing 4 additional tracks, available on all popular streaming platforms since April 26th 2019.
The style of Furious Feedback is mainly characterized by sounds of retro consoles – like the specially modified Nintendo GameBoy Color, a Commodore 64 and similar classics from that time period – who are combined with various rock influences. Big influences are bands like Machinae Supremacy, I Fight Dragons, Muse and other various artists from the Chiptune-scene. The bands sound makes a nostalgics heart beat faster and makes you dust off your childhood classics and dive into the limited, but therefore great soundtracks.
Currently, the band is working on their new album called Villains under K1Ts influence, which takes a turn into a more dense, more heavy direction. Game on!



Music Theory

Class: Time Mage

Affiliation: Melody Fraction

Equipment: Vocals, Second Guitar, Backing & Programming

Founder and frontman of the band. He brings the basic arrangements into the rehearsal room to polish them with the rest of the band and to get them to the bands standards. Next to singing, Daniel takes over the second guitar and takes care of the backing tracks to make sure everything sounds homogenous.





Class: Artifact

Affiliation: Melody Fraction

Equipment: SID Chip

A mystical artifact, that Daniel bought from an upset merchant and brought back to life. He´s taking the main roll at Furious Feedback: The unique sound of different retro consoles. From time to time you can´t get rid of the feeling that he´s̵ ̶p̶l̶a̵n̷n̴i̸n̶g̴ ̴s̶̛̗ò̶̥͂͝ḿ̴͊ͅḛ̷͓̻͑͘ ̶͉̿s̶͉̦͆c̷̹̳͐̿a̸̧̋r̵̪̖̅̓͑̈́y̸̢̧̦̱͂̽ ̵̥͒̀s̶͚̓̓̎̈̎c̸̘̥̋̎͠h̵̜͑̽̚ë̵̢̠̜̫́̇͌̓̕ṃ̵̪̺̼̔͂ – that he only wants the best for the Band. Success.




Class: Peacedrummer

Affiliation: Rhythm Fraction

Equipment: Drums

The unshakeable clockwork of the band has music in its blood since he was a child and sets the pace masterly for Furious Feedback. Together with Filip, he provides a rock-solid foundation for the songs and also knows how to provide the necessary spice through targeted emphasis and rhythm changes. He also takes care of the samples and backings that he has available on his digital drum pad and mostly keeps track of the tech and gear in the background.




Klasse: Heavy Artillery

Affiliation: Rhythm Fraction

Equipment: Bass

The newest member of Furious Feedback shakes the lower frequency range with heavy sound while, like the rest of the melody fraction, aiming for a clear tone. He also likes to experiment with different effects and techniques to always find the perfect fit for each and every song.



Music Theory

Class: Mercenary

Affiliation: Melody Fraction

Equipment: Lead Guitar

Main guitarist and allrounder at Furious Feedback. He trumps with a high level of adaptability and a broad knowledge of music theory and audio technology and, as a magician on the guitar, helps wherever Daniel quickly reaches his limits. Together with Daniel, he leads the complex melody fraction and always strives for a clear and well-matched sound.