Furious News #10

Hi guys, and welcome to our new Homepage!

In fact, it’s almost like the old one – but more shiny and user-friendly!
As you can see, it’s now bilingual (German/English) and you can switch between Languages by clicking on the flag on the upper left side.

Also, gRuFtY and I worked on the “Music”-Section, where you can listen to some tracks.
In my opinion, this solution is better than the Flash-player we had before (and it has homemade buttons, which is awesome).

And now: To progress.
We are now gathering every second Friday to practise, and things are going quite well. Lukas is now able to play “Darkness” quite good, next song to practise will be “Disconnected”, since I want to make a music video for that and I want a good record of it.

We didn’t work on new songs for now, but that will change in a few weeks, I think.

In other news, I made another Song together with gRuFtY. But not just an ordinary cover, we covered her favourite Furious Feedback-Song and made an alternative version of “My Starving Heart”, which you can find here:

Make sure you spread the word and invite people to listen to our stuff if you think they would like it.
We’d totally appreciate it! :)

Thanks and ’til next time!

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