You are my fuel
You’re everything I need to breathe
I am addicted to the life you’re pushing through my veins
You are my drug
And I can’t stop abusing you
I am an empty body, screaming for the lies you tell me

Consuming too much, more than I can take
You are the reason I’m breathing for
How could I believe that you’re not good for me?
You are the poison I’m breathing for

My body’s numb
The world around me seems to fade away
I know that every word you tell me is what I’m in need of
Bring me to life
Just one more time I need to hold you
It doesn’t matter that you’re draining every life out of me


Your voice, it’s killing me slowly from within
Your eyes punishing, release me from my sins
Take my life, take it – I give it all to you
Take my life, destroy it and give me something new