Tainted (My Starving Heart II)

You think I’m scary and confused
You don’t know anything at all
You think I talk behind your back
While I try to get on track
After I took the hardest fall

You think I’m harmful and I’m vile
You don’t want anyone to see
That you are calling me obsessed
While I’m trying to express
What once was haunting me

You cannot know how many lives I’ve swallowed whole
You cannot know how much I fear loosing control
This heart is tainted
It devours who I hold dear
And one by one it makes them disappear

You think I’m selfish, full of hate
Yet all you care about is you
You’d like to silence what I feel
While I’m fighting to conceal
What you have broken in two

You think I’m vengeful, full of spite
Yet all I do is live my life
Don’t want to harm, don’t want to hurt
Just want to find a way
To end this everlasting strife


I have locked all these shadows inside
I’ve let them in
Now there’s no place for them to hide
They’ve turned into monsters
Lurking underneath my skin
Feeding the endless starving black hole
Growing deep within